Pan Cooked Naan with yeast (Tawa Naan)

After few requests from my viewers, I made this leavened pan cooked naan which is soft, and very easy to make…

Fish Fry

Shallow fried fish steaks

Spicy shallow fried fish fry is typical food in most parts of India.This fish fry is healthy and yet easy to cook…

Easy Coconut ladoo

Quick and Easy Coconut Ladoo

Coconut ladoos are very popular Indian sweet that’s made during many …

Masala Tea

Dad’s Chocolate Masala Tea

Dad’s Chocolate masala tea is a delicious hot drink. It’s sweet and spicy to taste. Masala tea can be

Kheer - Rice pudding

Almond Milk Kheer

Kheer is basically a rice pudding that is made mainly from cooking rice in milk and sugar along with other few ingredients…

Roast Chicken

Sunday Chicken Roast

Absolutely easy and delicious Chicken roast for a lazy Sunday lunch. Whole chicken is marinated with spices overnight…

Pork curry

Pork Curry

This is a very spicy curry made of dry red chillies and Black peppercorns. The combination of spices along with …

Apple Milk Shake

Apple – peach milkshake with Rum

Ice cold apple – peach milkshake with rum is a cocktail drink which is delicious …

Chicken Biriyani

Mum’s Chicken Biriyani

A very spicy and popular rice dish which is widely consumed in India. Chicken Biriyani …

Fire cooked corn on the cob with spicy chilli-mint chutney

Fire cooked corn on the cob with chilli-mint chutney

Smoky and spicy fire cooked corn on the cob is perfect and the healthiest snack for …